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Innovatively and creatively transforming education and existential scientific research to empower and enhance capacity .

Scriptorium – Research and Storytelling Centre

~ In a nutshell ~

Mission and aim

The aim of Scriptorium, as a research and storytelling centre, is two-fold:

On the one hand (the research component), Scriptorium wishes to provide a platform where specialised theological research can be done in collaboration with related disciplines such as psychology, philosophy and the social sciences in general. Scriptorium aims to promote research in the field of biblical sciences in general, but preference is given to New Testament studies.

On the other hand (the storytelling component), Scriptorium wishes to bridge the cognitive, emotional and psychological distance between biblical scientific research and the challenges faced by society today. This is done by actualizing and contextualizing the research through innovative and creative processes (e.g. by transforming it into a workshop, theatre production, film, novel or television programme). The storytelling component of Scriptorium is, however, not limited nor confined only to research done in the field of biblical sciences - we also address specific challenges faced by society through solution-driven storytelling.

Activities and function of the facility

Scriptorium thus facilitates research projects through which students get bursary-funded opportunities to do research at the centre itself for a fixed period of time. National and international conferences, colloquiums and seminars are held whereby academics, specialising in biblical sciences, share their research and knowledge with each other. This research then undergoes an editorial process for the purpose of publishing the research in, among other, the Scriptorium Journal. The research data is simultaneously handed over to the creative team that takes on the task of evaluating the research in terms of its capacity to be transformed into a production, project, programme, workshop or any other initiative that will improve the quality of life within society (this process involves a wide range of activities – from round table discussions and workshops to field visits and consultation). If the evaluation process returns positive results, our production house starts with the exciting in-house actualization process to develop and rework the research for theatre, internet, television and the movie industry.

Scriptorium was established in 2010 and is a registered non-profit organisation.

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