Scriptorium Research & Storytelling Centre

Innovatively and creatively transforming education and existential scientific research to empower and enhance capacity .

At Scriptorium we believe that there are basic needs and rights which all citizens should enjoy, such as:

  • Access to basic education
  • Further education
  • To learn and develop skills
  • Freedom of conscience, religion, thoughts, beliefs and opinions
  • To practise their religion freely and to form, join and maintain religious associations

It is with this ethos in mind that Scriptorium offers Christian theological education, skills development, collaborative research in biblical sciences and the conceptualisation of novel ways to condense our research findings, thus making them accessible to all.

Scriptorium is an independent religion and society think-tank where academics gather and share their creative ideas and innovative research in the broader field of Christian theology with a focus on biblical sciences in general and the New Testament in particular.

This research is done in partnership with related disciplines such as psychology, philosophy and social sciences. It is through this collective thinking that we aim to spread awareness about various religious issues and whereby we challenge the theological difficulties and questions faced by society today.

Our aim is therefore to bridge the psychological, emotional and cognitive distance between religion and society through our research projects, media, publications and events.

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